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Visions, Aims and Values

YCAT’s core purpose is to ensure every child in all our schools reaches their full potential. We achieve this by true collaborative practice.​​

To achieve our vision, we aim to be Responsive, Transformative and Inspirational: 

YCAT is built on shared core values and a passionate belief in collaborative learning for children and staff across our schools.

We greatly value our links with the local community at each school and believe it is important that all our schools’ retain their unique identity. 


We are committed to the following aims and vision:

  • Our children aspire to be “fluent learners broadening their horizons”
  • We support all aspects of our children’s health and well-being.
  • Our children know how to keep safe in our ever-changing world.
  • Our curriculum ensures children systematically build important knowledge and skills in all subjects.
  • Deliberate practice and planned recalls ensure our children remember more and become fluent learners.
  • We foster children’s creativity across all areas of the curriculum. 

  • We foster children’s confidence as learners to engage with our curriculum through talk for learning, challenge and growth mindsets.
  • We prepare our children to “meet the world” both local and global, as active participants.
  • We ensure that children understand the importance of equality and mutual respect as they meet the challenges and issues faced in the modern world.
  • We nurture our children to be kind and empathetic providing help to those in need.
  • Fluency and automaticity ensure children have the ability to “draw on” remembered knowledge and this is the key building block that broadens our children’s horizons.