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Our Trust

Yorkshire Collaborative Academy Trust (YCAT) is a multi-academy trust specialising in primary education.


trust-logoAbout Us

Authentic collaboration is central to our ethos.  Everyone in our Trust is part of a dynamic, self-improving learning community that nurtures, supports and challenges children and adults to become confident, life-long learners who achieve their full potential. 

Our schools are encouraged to retain their unique characteristics and use their autonomy to further develop their values and ethos so they continue to maintain strong links with their local community.

  • Challenge and support will be provided for each individual school by the Trustees and the School Improvement Leadership Group (SILG) to enable schools to take ownership for their own learning journey.
  • Collaborative reviews are undertaken to help to support schools' improvement and development.
  • Agreed bespoke support is provided to all our schools.
  • Our partnership works with both converter and sponsored academies.


Our support to schools particularly focuses on:     

  • Ensuring schools provide a well-designed curriculum that systematically builds knowledge across all subjects and ensures pupils know more and remember more as they move through each school year. This is supported by integrated planning of recall and assessments to help pupils embed knowledge in their long term memory.
  • Evaluating the impact of each school’s curriculum on pupil’s learning and outcomes
  • True collaborative learning that is evidence based.
  • Valuing all our staff by providing CPD that effectively meets their professional needs and promotes the importance of their mental health and work-life balance.
  • Encouraging leaders and teachers to explore ways to share best practice across our multi-academy trust.

We provide challenge and support to our schools by our strong partnerships with: 
HART Alliance / Red Kite Teaching School Hub/ Red Kite SCITT Teacher Training/ North Yorkshire Local Authority