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Evidence Based Research

Impact Case Study of Reading Plus

Reading Plus is a computer-based reading programme that assesses and monitors pupils’ progress in reading. It provides a variety of texts and tracks pupils’ fluency and comprehension, including vocabulary skills, visual skills, silent reading fluency and comprehension skills. 

Askwith Primary School has used the programme in the year 4 cohort and extended it as an intervention in year 5 and 6, for four years.  It is recommended that pupils use the programme for 20 minutes a day. Although this is a time commitment, we have found that the pupils have a positive approach to using Reading Plus and those children deemed as reluctant readers are highly motivated to access and engage with the programme. The programme is user friendly for both pupil and teacher and technical support from providers is easy to access and very detailed. 

We have found that use of the programme results in a significant increase in fluency and comprehension. Evidence shows that some lower ability children are not always immediately ready for the programme at the start of year 4. Therefore, they show less significant impact over the year. However, when the programme is extended as an intervention in year 5 and year 6, there is evidence of good progress. 

The table below shows the data for Year 4 2018-19


Yr 2 SAT

Yr 6 SATs

(or current Spring Data Collection )      

 Current Yr 2019-20  
Pupil 1 (PP) WT (ss95) WT (ss101)
Pupil 2 (SEN)   WT (ss 87)                                      WT (ss 98)
Pupil 3 Exp (ss100)   Exp (106) 


Pupil 1 (PP) 2C Exp (ss103)
Pupil 2 (SEN) 2C Exp (100)


Pupil 1 (PP) 2C Exp (103)
Pupil 2 (SEN) 2B Exp (101)