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YCAT Expert Practitioner Award

This is a programme for curriculum and team leaders in each of our schools. 

Participants must have a key role in leading curriculum and a commitment to working collaboratively on improvement projects across our Trust.

This is a planned programme of CPD and research that will further support participants leadership development.

Participants should complete three of the following four HART CPD programmes. 

  1. Re-evaluating your curriculum design “Getting it right and keeping on track “
  2. Supporting subject leaders in foundation subjects overcome the “tricky bits” in the new curriculum.
  3. Addressing the “tricky issue” of ensuring the systematic teaching of reading comprehension.
  4. How to consistently monitor teachers’ implementation/delivery of the curriculum and identify areas to further improve practice?

Participants should complete one of the following two RedKite Teaching School Hub Programmes.

  1. Planning, Sequencing and Teaching an Effective Subject Curriculum.
  2. Every Leader a Leader of SEND

Participants should complete one of the following two CPD programmes.

  • Evidence Based Practice RedKite Teaching School Hub.
  • Certificate in-evidence informed practice Chartered College of Teaching

Participants should complete their five CPD programmes within a two-year period to be awarded “YCAT Expert Practitioner”

Completion of this CPD Programme will provide the expert knowledge and leadership skills to further enhance the impact of participants’ leadership roles at school and Trust level.

If interested in joining this CPD programme please discuss with your headteacher in the first instance.