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Training Resources

As Part of the membership of the HART Alliance, you will have access to training resources to support your school improvement journey.

These resources are trialled with a small number of schools and refined before they are released to ensure that they use the best evidence-based research to improve pupil progress and that they work.

Over the last few years the following areas have been supported:

  • Introducing the Knowledge Rich Curriculum.
  • Phased Leadership and phased monitoring approach to school improvement.
  • SEF/SIP examples and guidance
  • Middle and Subject Leadership support guides covering:
  • knowledge rich curriculum/leading your curriculum,
  • phased leadership (monitoring and reporting).
  • Governors support training.
  • Developing the roles of TAs using a high level questioning approach.

Examples of materials developed by HART are available for Schools looking to join HART to view.  

Contact HART for permission to view and then access our secure

Trello platform